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The club has built up a stock of equipment which is available to members. To access any of the club equipment contact the Equipment Officer in plenty of time.

Sea Kayaks – complete with paddle, spraydeck, buoyancy aid and cag if required
£2 for an evening paddle; £10 for one day; £20 for the weekend and £5 per day extra thereafter

Capella Stable boat: good for weekends etc, good for bigger paddlers
Tempest 165 Stable boat: good for weekends etc
Avocet: Good for smaller paddlers
Inuk:  Racing sea kayak

Each boat is provided as a complete set with the accompanying equipment and MUST be kept together: spraydeck, paddles, buoyancy aids and roofrack straps.

Surf Kayaks
2 plastic surf boats

Availability of club boats
• Boats can be hired only by club members (with a grace period for new members)
• Priority to new club members, 1st come 1st served for remaining boats
• Any club member can hire a boat for a club trip
• For non-club trips, boats can only be hired by members with the appropriate star award for the planned conditions, or when under appropriately qualified instructors or trip leaders.


Storage / Transport of Club Boats
• Boats are stored by the Equipment Officer
• Transport cannot be guaranteed for any other sessions or for the play boats.
• Where boats are borrowed for weekends, the borrowers need to make arrangements to ensure they are available for the next Tuesday club night
• Members where possible should help with transport / storage


Note that club equipment is not insured. Borrowed/hired equipment should be kept in locked buildings whenever possible.

Other Sea paddling kit
VHF radios – available to anybody with VHF short range certificate or who has attended a suitable training course
2 pairs of kayak carry straps (excellent for loaded boats)


Trip Leaders Safety Kit
2 x Temporary Reed hatches, one 8-10” one oval
1 x Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
1 x LED Flare
1 x Pair of Insulated Pogies
1 x Storm Cag
1 x Emergency Group Shelter
2 x Hand Warmer Pads
1 x TenTiPi – ideal for socialising – 9ft Base Radius



Perfect when socialising and/or cooking outdoors is not an option due to the weather. Simple instructions are included or you can watch a video here. Tip: use number 9 on the string to place the pegs around the centre. For hire only to NESKy members for kayak-related trips and only when it's not needed for a club trip. £10 for a day, £20 for a weekend, £5 per extra day thereafter.


Data Projector
The club also has a data projector. This is available to club members for £10 per hire. Contact Donald Thomson if you’d like to borrow it.

Use out with NESKy Activities
NESKy Club equipment is also available for use by members on non-club activities, on the basis that it is used:
• By individual members operating within the remit of the appropriate award held by them for the craft and the water being paddled. Guidelines for appropriate water for the different personal skills awards are available at the start of the syllabus which can be found on the SCA website - http://
• When used as part of a group under instruction or guiding by a qualified individual with suitable qualifications for the waters and craft in use. Guidelines for the different awards are available in the above document.

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