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Access locations

Boddam (grid ref NK 134 427)

Plenty of parking at harbour. In the past there have been reports of cars being broken into so don’t leave anything tempting in view. Launch from beach within harbour walls, always sheltered.


Collieston (grid ref NK 040 285)

Parking is available next to the beach along the harbour wall. The beach is accessed down a slipway.


Cove (grid ref NJ 955 005)

Follow road over railway bridge, turn right then left steeply down to harbour. Launch from shingle beach behind harbour wall, always sheltered. After launch park car in layby back uphill.


Cruden Bay (grid ref NK 095 356)

Plenty parking at quayside. Launch from slipway/beach within harbour entrance, always sheltered.

Cruden Bay.jpg

Stonehaven (grid ref NO 878 853)

Access is at far right end of harbour, next to the boat sheds. Limited space for cars, plenty parking along quayside. Launch from the beach. Due to increased use particularly by SUP’s, the harbour area is out of bounds, and we need to avoid obstructing traffic entering or leaving the harbour, which is often busy with yachts, MRI or sea cadets training.

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